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Unique Vocational Training Center Ltd.

Unique Vocational Training Center Ltd. (UVTCL) started its operation at the end of 1999 under the title of “Guan Choun Unique Vocational Training Center” with active support of Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore. Registered with the Board of Investment (BOI), this Overseas Training Center (OTC) was established to match the quality of Bangladeshi skilled workers with the international standards. The UVTCL has two units and follows academic curricula of BCA. The center was established with the vision to improve the unemployment issues of the country. More importantly, the biggest advantage of UVTCL is availing the opportunity of fostering cooperation in building skilled manpower for Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, Libya, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE etc. Keeping in view the large number of unemployed population in Bangladesh vis-à-vis the demand for workers in different countries, UVTCL began its journey.

A short and concise picture of our vocational training facilities is drawn below:


UVTCL has two training centers: One at Uttara in Dhaka and the other at Ghoshbag in Ashulia, Dhaka. Located near Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, the Uttara training center is equipped with the facilities of electricity, 24-hours standby generator, telephone line, e-mail, fax, student’s accommodation, easy accessibility etc. The training center in Ashulia, located not very far from the same International Airport either, features similar facilities with a bigger campus.

Training Capacity

The Ashulia center can accommodate more than 3000 (Three Thousand) students. The Uttara center is capable of training 350 to 400 trainees by rotation in one training cycle. At Uttara and Ashulia center 150 and 250 trainees can attend theoretical classes at a time respectively.

Training Period

Normally the training period is up to 3 months. Depending on the trade and the learning capacity of the trainee, it may vary.

Training Area.

Uttara Center:

25000 square feet of sheltered space with adequate flood lights to facilitate training at night.
Ashulia Center:

137000 square feet of sheltered space featuring own substation and two 450 KV generators for operating the training center at night.

Services and Facilities

The trainees, all staying in the Center, are provided with the following facilities during the training period:
• Food, lodging and medical services.
• Air-conditioned tester rooms with attached toilet, one at each corner to facilitate in house supervision.
• Adequate natural light and ventilation provided for comfortable working environment.
• Uttara Training Center is comprised of 1800 sft and Ashulia center is comprised of 3000 sft (approx.) air-conditioned class rooms.
• Training aids such as overhead projectors, television sets, video and VCD sets, black and white boards and writing chairs.
• Both the centers have individual dormitory for student’s accommodation.
• Qualified Teachers and Instructors with Diploma and BSc in Engineering.
• The biggest training center in Bangladesh.
• Tests taken every month by foreign delegates.
Quality food served from in house canteen.

Operation of UVTCL

UVTCL welcomes interested unemployed persons who are equally eager to play constructive role in mitigating their sufferings as well as in taking basic trainings in order to shape up their own lives.

Training on the following trades are available:

• Timber Formwork (TF)
• Steel Reinforcement Work (SR)
• Plumbing And Pipe Fitting (PPF)
• Electrical Wiring Installation (EWI)
• Suspended (Acoustic) Ceiling (AC)
• Interior Dry Wall Installation (IDW)
• Water Proofing (WP)
• Timber Door & Installation (TD)
• Fibrous Plastic Ceiling (FPC)
• Joinery (JN)
• Thermal Insulation (TI)
• Structural Steel Fitting (SSF)
• Aluminum Formwork (AF)
• Ducting Installation For Air-Con & Ventilation (DAV)
• Cladding Installation (CI)
• Pipe Fitting (PF)
• Timber Flooring Installation (TFR)
• Curtain Wall Installation (CWI)

Training is imparted according to the capacity of the trainees with the help of expert trainers. During the training period, a trainee learns both practical skills and theoretical knowledge according to the international syllabus similar to the standards of BCA, Singapore. A trainee is registered for the test once the training period is over successfully. Upon passing the test, the trainee is allowed to go abroad as a skilled worker.

Training Aspects

The syllabus that is followed is very much industry oriented in terms of its wide applications. This definitely helps reduce unemployment as well as groom persons in various categories of development activities. The demand for skilled workers in the global market is rising. These training centers can comply with the required proficiency of skilled workers anywhere and of high standards. The trainees should be at least 9th class pass to cope up with the syllabus.


The dispatch record of last 5 years (2012 to 2016):

Year 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Number Of dispatch 1125 1655 1394 2024 1816