Our country is densely populated and we have abundant human resources more than the country can sustain at the moment. Hence there is urgent and crying need of the country to export those unutilized human resources as per requirement of the other countries of the world. In the process our country is earning about US$15 bn in foreign exchange annually only by exporting manpower. Our company has been supplying manpower since 1982 and exported around 200 thousand workers & Experts so far. Unique Vocational Training Center Ltd. is one of the sister concerns of Unique Group. The Group is engaged in building a world of happiness, peace and prosperity through its honest and sincere efforts by developing products, services and facilities in the areas of Real-Estate, Electrical Power Plants, Air Travel, Aviation Services, Tourism, Vocational Training, Ceramic Products, Banking Services, Housing Finance & Investment Services, Hotel Services, Economic Zone, Information Technology and through other industrial & commercial projects. “Our Motto is to serve and always endeavor to serve better”